Hello! I'm Mike Girardin, an artist from New York and welcome to my portfolio hub, a place where you can find my various projects: comics, illustrations, contact information, merch and more.

If you'd like to know more about me click here where I'll tell you more about myself. Below is where you can find my projects, means of contacting me and following my stuff.

For commissions, contact me at: MikeG@Gx3R.com

Antares Complex:

Join Neige and the mercenary crew of the Dagger as they try to make a living.

Starring a female protagonist and a growing crew who discover more about the universe and themselves.

Scifi / Action / Fantasy.

Journey to the Skyline:

Join Cora, Blip and Arlie in an light-hearted adventure across the lands to save the skylands!

Cartoon / cute / light hearted


Places to find my art: