About me:  

Hello there!

My name is Mike Girardin, and I hate talking about myself! But, if you're here you're at least a little interested in the dope who makes all these pics. Or you're a spam bot seeking my email address. Either way, onto my bio:

I am an artist from New York. Following my mother's footsteps I have strived to create a business for myself with my skills as an artist.

I've worked around artists all my life as my family is full of 'em. My father paints & modifies war miniatures, my mother hand made clayfigures of all shapes and sizes, my brother is a musician of the drumming and guitar variety. Because of this, I've learned art as a business from my mother and discipline of it through my father.

I've taken numerous classes in high school and went to college to improve my art. I dropped out due to family health reasons but continued to learn via freelance.

I've had numerous freelance and contract work from small businesses to companies till my brother and I, decided to go into business together and start our own company: Green Gizmo. Like our mother before us, our business is built on hand made products by us. It's helped us learn and grow as artists, people and understanding business. We create custom accessories for music instruments that are both stylish and functional and, run it by ourselves.

Back in 2011 I started the webcomic Antares Complex which has been running weekly updates. An action scifi comic starring a female protagonist. I started it for a ...number of reasons. I wanted to learn and experience is the best way to learn. I wanted to create my own universe, story and characters and with a update schedule, it was a commitment that I had to keep up with. It's also helped me expand my experience into social media, streaming, video editing among other things!

In terms of non-art stuff, I'm totally boring! I love science, science fiction, technology and video games. From Star Trek to Serenity, building computers to enjoying some good ol' games on old consoles to reading long articles on new discoveries on earth or in space I'm just a big ol' nerd.

I'm a workaholic and I love what I do.